Beauty Within

Here at Beauty Lounge our goals are simple, to provide customer service above expectation and most importantly express the beauty within you. With over 30 years of experience we don't settle for no less than perfection. Known as self started stylist in Europe, moved and worked in Manhattan for the better part of my practice, I bring all of the experience to you here.

Our hairstyle services are wide, ranging from high end to organic products, and always looking to improve, but we don't stop just there, to bring full customer experience our Esthetician offers various of services that you may enjoy as well.


From Gitana

From Sandra

With beginnings in Europe, I received my professional diploma from the Atelier Institute of Esthetics in Manhattan, NY. and as a dual license holder in New York and New Jersey, I'm driven to make each session a memory for relaxation and healing. Starting from deep analysis, I'm dedicated to help each of my clients to find treatments that suites them and more importantly helps the skin to be healthy and glowy. 

Beauty Lounge Price List

                  Hair Cut 

Ladies Haircut...                             From $40

Man's Haircut Buzz...                       From $20

Man's Haircut...                              From $25

          Cutting & Finishing

Ladies Haircut...                            From $60 & Up

Ladies Blowout...                           From $35 & Up

Hair Designing...                           From $65 & Up


Single Process...                            From $60

Single Process & Toner...                From $75 & Up

Glaze Toner...                               From $25 & Up


Full Head Highlights...                   From $170 & Up

Partial Highlights...                      From $130 & Up


Wave...                                       From $100 & Up

Hair Straightening...                       From $200 & Up

Bride & Grooms...                         Upon Consultation

Special Occasion Hair...                 Upon Consultation

             Hair Treatments

Deep Conditioning...                      From $40 & Up

Japanese Deep Conditioning...         From $180 & Up

Olaplex Conditioning...                  From $25 & Up

                Facial Services 

Signature Facial (60 Min)...                   From $59

Brightening Facial (60 Min)...                  From $85

Firming 5 Phase Facial (60 Min)...         From $75

Collagen Induction Therapy (80 Min)...  From $125

Resurfacing Facial & Diamond Dermabrasion

                                       (80 Min)...  From $125

Diamond Dermabrasion (50 Min)...        From $85

Face Lift Massage & Eye Treatment

                                       (45 Min)...  From $55

Pure Lift Facial For Mature Skin

                                       (60 Min)...  From $95


High Technology Algae Mask...               From $25 

Glycolic Acid...                                    From $25 

Lactic Acid...                                      From $25 

Salicylic Acid...                                   From $25

Multivitamin Renewal Peel...                 From $30 


Eyebrows Wax & Shaping...                 From $15

Lip...                                                From $10

Chin...                                              From $10





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